Monday, November 26, 2012

 I Iove Holly Willoughby's boobs

Ah, Holly Willoughboobie. I mean Willoughby. Apparently she has the breasts women envy the most. And the 'everything else', while we're on the subject.

Is it any surprise people like her looks? What with the deepest cleavage this side of the Grand Canyon and the kind of skin that doubles as a quality control standard in the Elmlea factory. We are trained to envy this stuff practically from the cradle.

 Hers are the sort of looks that are regularly described as 'girl next door,' presumably because she has butt and boobs all present and correct and has eaten a full meal sometime after her sixteenth birthday unlike most residents of Tellyland. But it's incredibly misleading. Holly W is very beautiful: like, OMG, girls-so-totally-would-if-we-were-drunk, beautiful.

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