Friday, June 8, 2012

CNN is facing some serious ratings trouble and there has been talks of a major shake up. Long time readers of this blog know very well that we are huge fans of Kiran Chetry and that we used to watch whatever show she was on. Come on look at those legs. They are ratings magnet!

Kiran Chetry is a Nepalese American television broadcast journalist anchor who, until 2011, was a cable news anchor for CNN's early morning program. From 2001 to 2007 she reported – and then anchored – cable news at Fox News.
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Gams Guru said...

Kiran & C Ro have already had their chance on CNN. How about giving Brooke Baldwin a shot at improving ratings? She recently filled in on the AM show, and she did a great job. She is apparently CNN's rising star, but she is languishing in the afternoon time slot, where the only viewers are retired blue haired women & stay-at-home mothers.

She hosted coverage of the Queens jubilee from the UK and was a hit with the Brits.
We love BB, she's a sassy, leggy redhead. Intelligent, articulate, witty with a charming and bawdy sense of humor.

IMHO, she has earned an opportunity on the AM show or in prime time instead of Erin Burnett.

BB is a fan favorite on this blog and several others like it.

Anonymous said...

Kiran gonna help me stroke out another nice load.

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