Thursday, June 28, 2012

That was the question a reader of this blog ( sent our way earlier today. You may remember Larissa Riquelme as the Paraguay supporter who threatened to run naked is her country had won the world cup - As a side note, if you were disappointed when Paraguay did not make it, Larissa Riquelme posed naked anyway. Actually she had posed naked several time before.

Anyway we do not know for sure if she selling ad space on her boobs. In fact we do not know if the AXE on her boob is directly linked to a product or brand out there. But this could really be a very nice way to monetize boobs and cleavage.

What do you think. Did we just come up with the next billion dollar idea or what!
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Terry said...

We Latinos do things different ... too bad it's not mainstream as there would be a lot less hangups :)

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Cheers, Terry

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