Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Juliet Huddy reminds us why we celebrated when she joined Fox News. Yes we were overjoyed when Juliet Huddy joined Fox News. We had missed her assets especially since she has not been on Fox Report Weekend.

Here is what we said back then:

As you might have realized, Fox looks like they are trying out all their hot anchors, possibly for a replacement or just maybe filling in. While we are saddened with Julie Banderas not appearing on Fox Report these days, we are on cloud nine with Juliet Huddy as a replacement. If there is anyone who can give Julie Banderas a run for her money in the legs and legcross department, it gotta be Juliet Huddy. Juliet has been making us drool well before she came to Fox News and we hope that she becomes permanent on Fox Report.
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crowd control barriers said...

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meat beater said...

I agree with the thoughts Juliet Huddy recently expressed in her Playboy interview, "I know a female Fox News anchor said she caught her son jerking off to my cleavage when I wore that low cut blue dress. Screw her, Gretchen's been flaunting her panty peeks for years, she's caused her share of boys to beat their meat!"

Anonymous said...

Gretchen has launched more STUD missiles than NASA and the Defense Dept.

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