Saturday, March 10, 2012

There is no hiding our love for Anne Hathaway. On this blog we have written extensively (okay, posted a lot of sexy Anna Hathaway pictures) and now we have actually come to like her movies. Maybe her playing catwoman in the next Batman movie did the trick. Oh, we remember, it the picture of Ann Hathaway on the Batman set (we presume) rocking the bat motorbike, or something.

Check out some info on her movies:

Anne Hathaway has proven herself as one of the best young actresses in Hollywood these past ten years. She has been very selective in the roles she has taken and that has proved to be a great decision. We have seen a wide range of portrayals by Hathaway in her movies. While she is in high demand for romantic comedies, she has only selected a couple of these roles because she does not want to be typecast the way a Julia Roberts has been. Rather, Anne Hathaway films have ranged from family comedies like The Princess Diaries to dark suburban dramas like Rachel Getting Married and even to aggressive indie films like Havoc. Hathaway has also selected films where she can work alongside some of the true masters in the industries such as Meryl Streep, Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer and Helena Bonham Carter.


Anonymous said...

Man, what a dress Anne is in. Any more pictures of her in this dress. I wonder how much it was covering down south

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