Wednesday, February 22, 2012

If you are among the very few who actually read the text that accompany these sexy legs pictures, then you might notice a trend starting: We found these Satcha Pretto legs pictures sometime back, saved them to a flash drive and misplaced it. We were really looking forward to sharing these Satcha Pretto legs pictures taken in Dallas, Texas at Univision when Satcha Pretto stopped by. Satcha Pretto is among the top on anyone list for the top anchorbabes on television.

You didn't have Satcha Pretto on your top anchorbabe list, here are some pictures that should convince you. Check these Satcha Pretto pictures
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Falcon Sloan said...

She's a doll. Good morning, Dallas! Viva la vida Satcha Pretto and your beautiful legs. Perfect.

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