Friday, February 24, 2012

Jackie Guerrido in a Wet Shirt

Jackie Guerrido is a television weather forecaster and journalist. Univision took notice of Guerrido and made her an offer to become the meteorologist for Al Amanacer de Noticias 23 (“Morning News at Channel 23″), the then-morning show for Univision flagship WLTV. She studied meteorology at the University of Miami.
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Gams Guru said...

How ironic are the cultural differences & attitudes about sexuality?
Jackie is on Univision, what do you think the reaction would be if Stephanie Abrams of TWC posed for a racy photo like Jackie?
The stodgy execs at NBC which owns TWC would probably choke on their stogies and discipline their "star" for vamping it up.
I can think of many American news babes I'd like to see so scantily clad like Jackie, but the mores & ethics are different in the US. and a photo like that might likely jeopardize their career. In contrast a steamy photo like that is readily acceptable in other countries.
Ever been to the beach in France? Topless sunbathing by women is de rigueur, but in the US it's only legal in designated areas.
Americans have such a silly hangup with bared breasts, but to the Europeans it's ho-hum.

Falcon Sloan said...

So true GG. American media is extremely uptight; they can take a lesson from the Europeans. I love traveling to Europe and being able to experience a more open culture and yes, French beaches are just amazing.

Anonymous said...

There is the Megyn Kelly GQ photoshoot. Wish more newsbabes could do that. Would love to see a Andrea Tantaros or Susan Hendricks version!

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