Friday, January 27, 2012

Olivia Munn -PETA Ads 2012 & 2010

Yes we are! Who needs fur to feel beautiful? We have some suggestions of some of the ladies we would like to see appear in these ads. Do you have suggestions? Drop a line in the comments section?

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Anonymous said...

Andrea Tantaros!

I know as a republican she is probably opposed to PETA. Would be great to see Andrea pose naked.

Anonymous said...

Maria Sharapova

Anonymous said...

Trish Regan

Falcon Sloan said...

Susan the words of the late, great James Brown: "Please, Please, Please!" consider PETA. I will never happen, but in our fantasy world, do I really need to explain?

Anonymous said...

@Falcon Sloan: I came up with Andrea Tantaros and I did not bother to comment because someone beat me to it. I did not think about Susan Hendricks though. That would be very interesting. I once searched to see if there are any Susan Hendricks bikini pictures out there but I did not find anything. There was some rumors of Martha MacCallum bikini pictures once and they never surfaced so it could have been made up in someone's wet dream somewhere. At least the Julie Bandera's bikini pictures showed up so there is some hope!

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