Friday, December 9, 2011

What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

FASHION – Without fully exposing her sin treats, Princess Tantaros is able to embody class with sass. It is very important for woman to look professional when working in the man’s world and Andrea is able to mix and match proper waist size dresses and at the same time not wear something that would distract her male co-workers with thoughts of naught imagery. Men who work with liberal hussies, who dress like cheap $3 French whores, are shown to work at a 45% productivity rate, but when you put those same men with a classy Goddess like Andrea, their productivity is at full staff and capacity.

BEAUTY – Is it just me or does it seem like conservative woman have a natural glow to them? All liberal women need to wear make up. No man should ever see what these goal-less female’s truly look like without at least some foundation. When you have an angelic face like Andrea, make up is always optional. Now if libby females could take a note from “Drea Drea” and actually wash their faces after a long day of Wall Street protesting or maybe used some face cleanser to clear up their pot smoke causing zits, they might have a chance to have 1/87 of the beauty that our soft skinned angel Andrea effortlessly flaunts. But all in all, Andrea’s beauty is God given and remember God favors and gifts those who walk in his light, not denying him with Socialism.

Read the rest of the article at christwire: What Liberal Women Can Learn From Andrea Tantaros

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Anonymous said...

Your posting pics of womens legs without their approval and talking about God's graces. Wow!!

Travis said...

And your point is? You may need to work on your sarcasm detector! That is the point of the article linked to

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