Saturday, December 24, 2011

Coté de Pablo pictures courtesy of Dave Daring via

Who is Cote de Pablo?

María José de Pablo Fernández better known as Coté de Pablo is a Chilean-American actress and recording artist. De Pablo has been nominated for the ALMA Award, landing a permanent role as the NCIS federal agent Ziva David in the television series, NCIS (formerly a liaison to/from NCIS for the Israeli Mossad). She has also embarked on a career as a songwriter and vocalist.
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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite ladies on television. Thanks for the pictures. Wish NCIS would do a more back story short movie for Cote's character. An assassin movie, that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

Glad you like them by the way it is Dave Daring not Darin. Look me up on Deviant art same name for loads more.

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