Thursday, November 3, 2011

We are happy that one of sexiest tv anchorbabe is coming to CNN. Actually it did not matter that it was CNN, we are just happy that we can now get to watch the beautiful Zoraida on a national show. If you do not live in Chicago and don't know who Zoraida Sambolin is (or why we are drooling over the move), the check the Zoraida Sambolin pictures.

A blast from the past...

Once in a while you look at the search trends and realize people are searching for a certain babe. In most cases it is someone we already know who has been in the news for something. But when we started seeing searches for Zoraida Sambolin legs, we were curious because we did not know who this hot babe was and also because the name sounded like a hot exotic chic. A hot chick indeed with some very amazing legs.

Who is Zoraida Sambolin?
Zoraida Sambolin is the Weekday Edition co-anchor of NBC5 News Today and special assignment reporter and fill-in news anchor for Telemundo Chicago. Zoraida Sambolin joined NBC5 News in the summer of 2002 and began reporting for Telemundo the following year. As the first Chicago on-air broadcaster to work at both English and Spanish language stations simultaneously, she has broken new ground for Latinos in the No. 3 market in the country. Zoraida Sambolin launched "Nuestra Familia" on WSNS Telemundo. In the weekly series, Zoraida Sambolin tackles a variety of topics on health and family life and provides resources and information to help Latino families in the Chicago area.
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Gams Guru said...

Great news, now we can ogle Zora's great legs each weekday on CNN, despite her early time slot (5-7 am et). Let's hope the suits at CNN won't have her seated behind a desk for the entire show. A few "token" leg shots can affect ratings.

IMHO, the next local babe to go national will be Deena Centofanti , she's on Fox in DTW. It's just a matter of time till Deena get's called up to the big leagues. She has the gams to hold her own with any of the leggy ladies on FNC.

Deena is a fan favorite on this site as well as WWoW, Reporters Caps and a blog dedicated solely to Denna's luscious legs

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