Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Cool Kindle find - "Operation: Nibiru 2012" political conspiracy thriller by Danish filmmaker Arn Lou

 We have watched our fair share of extraterrestrial related movies and documentaries in the past most recently the documentary Alien Invasion: Are we ready hosted by Michelle Rodriguez on the discovery channel. (To be honest we are not really sure if we were drawn to the documentary by the subject of the documentary or the sexy Michelle Rodriguez!)

Anyway this post is about the book Operation: Nibiru 2012. The kindle version of this book costs less than $3 and if you are a scifi fan, you should definitely grab this book. Even if you are not a scifi fan, you will enjoy this book!

About the book:
 Do the United States Intelligence Services have proof of encounters with extraterrestrials?
Will our solar system receive a visit from a so-called Planet X?
Or will the world as we know it end in the year 2012? 

Christian Bang, a former reporter and now a small-time writer living in Denmark, has just begun his third novel. Drinking and smoking a bit too much, Christian's whole life is down at heel, and his only income is a small grant. Our protagonist is therefore finding it increasingly hard to keep the bills from stacking up around him.

While on his way home from a research trip, Christian witnesses the dramatic arrest of a young computer science student. An event which gains in significance when, suddenly, the arrestee disappears from police custody - without a trace.

Christian senses that a story is brewing, and he embarks on a private investigation, immersing himself in a case of international – or maybe even interplanetary – scope.

As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the young student has succeeded in breaking into the databases of one of the world’s most secretive intelligence services. Apparently, he has gained access to a number of highly controversial documents, and when Christian eventually learns what's in them, there is no turning back.

Christian finds himself being propelled to the United States, with the nameless intelligence service never more than two steps behind him. And the scene is set for a stunning climax.  

Here is one reviewer had to say
Nibiru 2012 really is a roller coaster ride of intrigue and suspense and political thrills and spills. It had a great start that had me hooked even through the introduction point and throughout.
You really don't have to be a conspiracy theorist or anti-theorist to enjoy the intrigue that the novel delivers. It kind of shifts between political thriller and corruption to almost science fiction.
The book covers a wide spectrum of topics and tragedies and unfolding events which are key to delivering the constant interest of the reader.
Grab yourself a copy and you will not be disappointed!
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Anonymous said...

I have heard of this book. I am looking forward to reading it as soon as i finish off the one I am reading now. I wonder if it weaves in the Maya 2012 theories out there!

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