Sunday, November 13, 2011

It is no secret that we have been on an effective diet hunt for a while. As promised, we would share any information with interested readers on any diets that may work for you. The recent diet we found is African Mango. While we are yet to try this diet ourselves, the general consensus seems to be that this is an effective diet. Here is some tidbits of African Mango:

Dr. Oz. called African Mango a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet that can help you lose 10 pounds.” While introducing the supplement, he said: “There are brand new studies that have come out showing that African Mango actually acts like a super-potent fiber. And because of that, it’s highly effective in sequestering cholesterol and taking it out of your body.”

There are many benefits to African Mango

African Mango Does a lot of good things for your health, like lowering cholesterol and significantly reducing inflammation (which helps fight cancer and other diseases), most people are interested in it’s surprising weight loss properties. 

Research found that Irvingia Gabonensis has a natural ability to act as very strong appetite suppressant, actually influencing the way your brain works. Also, Irvingia Gabonensis increases the body’s production of Adiponectin, which improves sensitivity to insulin so the body will burn more fat.The results were that subjects taking the Irvingia Gabonensis extract lost an average of 10 pounds, while those taking a placebo did not lose any weight.

We will write more when we try the African Mango diet ourselves. Drop some comments if you have tried it or know someone who did!

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