Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Marion Cotillard topless pic here

Marion Cotillard went topless in the South of France sea today to film scenes for her new movie Rust and Bone The French star, who plays an amputee in the film, was nude from the waist up and wore black bikini bottoms. She also slipped on a pair of green knee-length socks, thought to be used against a green screen to give the illusion she's missing the bottom half of her legs. With a look of despair on her face, Marion was carried from the water onto the sand by a man who appeared to be a male co-star, who was earlier swimming with her character. Check out more Marion Cotillard topless pictures at the dailymail
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Anonymous said...

One sweet babe. Thanks for the link. I wonder if this movie is going to show in the US

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