Monday, August 8, 2011

Karen is a meterologist for CNN USA and CNN International. She is based out of Atlanta.
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Thigh High said...

What a treat, I've seen K Mac on CNN for years & have been longing for a peek at her legs, but she always wears slacks. She has her legs crossed awkwardly in these pics so we can't see the full monty.

IMHO, CNN has an impressive stable of leggy beauties, Chris Romans, Carol Costello, Brooke Baldwin, Jacqui Jeras, Bonnie Schneider, Randi Kaye and Virginia Cha on HLN.

BTW, Ginny Cha filled in for Nat Curry last week end and she proudly flashed her luscious legs on the couch. Long, lean, sleek, slender & very shapely, Ginny's gams are spectacular!!

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