Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tamsen Fadal is an American television news anchor and author. Tamsen Fadal anchors the WPIX Morning News in New York City from 4AM-6AM. Previously, Tamsen Fadal hosted Totally Tamsen segments for WPIX in New York City.
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Anonymous said...

Memo to Ms. Fadal: Pasty white legs are not sexy.
Tanned, toned and waxed legs are very sexy.
Invest in an expensive pair of classic black stiletto pumps and very sheer hosiery.

Treat your legs as fashion accessories, accentuate and enhance them to exploit their sex appeal.

Learn to "present" your legs glamorously and elegantly. You will be surprised at the feedback you get from the avid leg men that lust after your shapely legs.

You have great legs, but simply wearing a skimpy skirt is not enough. Watch Gretchen Carslon on Fox & Friends, her luscious gams are tanned like bronze and when freshly waxed they sparkle like diamonds!!

Anonymous said...

tamsen's legs are sick. the best legs in the news business. she must spend hours in the gym or have the genetics of an olympian. i could stare at those ripped thighs all day.. yummmmmmmm

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