Friday, July 1, 2011

Christine Romans is a correspondent and anchor for CNN. Christine Romans previously worked for Reuters and Knight Ridder Financial News. Christine Romans is a co-host with Ali Velshi on the weekend business TV show Your $$$$$ and is a business correspondent for American Morning. Christine Romans is from Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University.

Kiran Chetry is a co-anchor of CNN's morning news program, American Morning.
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Thigh High said...

The couch is a cultural change for CNN, have never seen legs like this B4, xcept when Heidi Collins was there & she never had the couch to play with. Kiran has always been leggy since she was at Fox, but Chris Romans was strictly a Biz reporter B4 she got the morning gig. She frequently wore slacks and rarely had an opportunity to show off her sexy stems.

It's obvious that Chris enjoys her new role as a "leggy" newsbabe, her wardrobe has gotten bolder & more daring and she oozes confidence
and flirtatious sex appeal.

You can bet she KNOWS she's putting on a show and she loves the attention. Lots of long lingering camera shots of her luscious legs!!

North900 said...

Fox News is in big trouble with Kiran, Christine, Carol, and Suzanne.

Anonymous said...

all they need to do is move the table so we can enjoy the view of christine's and kiran's legs even more.low cut blouses would be nice too

Anonymous said...

Kiran chetry is so hot. She has the sexiest legs and feet ever. I wish she wore pantyhose more though. I would love if everyday she wore nude pantyhose and I really want pictures of the bottom of her bare feet and pictures of her pantyhosed feet in silky nude or taupe hose. Black hose would be sexy too. Id pay anything for kiran to tie me up real tight and she would press her sexy sweaty hosed feet to my nose then make me suck her toes. Then she would slide her hose off and make me smell her bare feet then suck each sexy toe of hers then push her whole foot in my mouth. Then kiran would give me a spanking for being a pervert and gag me with a bar of soap so I couldn't make noise then she would wash my mouth out for an hour. She wet the bar and rubbed it around and kept twisting it all around then pushed it in and wrapped ductape over my mouth and around my head 5times then put her hose over my nose so ican smell her footsweat then put her heel over my nose and tie it there with the legs of her hose then pull the crotch of her hose over my whole face and she would ride me all night. Then slid on a new sexy pair of thigh hi stockings and went to work and left me tied up and did the same to me for a week.

Anonymous said...


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