Thursday, July 7, 2011

E. D. Hill is an American news anchor and radio host who formerly worked for Fox News Channel and now works with CNN
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Thigh High said...

Nice to see Ms. Hill flashing her sexy stems again filling in for Brooke Baldwin.
When ED was on F&F she began the Fox tradition of skimpy skirts on the curvy couch & she has a some of THE best gams in the Biz and she's never shied away from showin' em' off!

Her leg shows on F&F were legendary, and you can bet that ED cured ED for some guys suffering from that condition.
Could you imagine the ratings spike if CNN put Ms. Hill on the morning show couch along with Chris Romans & Kiran Chetry?

I smell a promo.." Good morning & welcome to CNN News, I'm ED Hill...the all natural alternative to the little blue pill"!!!

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