Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Satcha Pretto is the anchor of Primer Impacto Extra on the Univision Network.


Anonymous said...

omg. That girl in the sheer black pantyhose is mouth watering. I am actually drooling over her legs. I am going to check her out on univision and pray that she is wearing black pantyhose. How did you get these pics of her that seem to be candid? It looks like she was in between takes and just getting her papers together. How do you get these shots of her. Who takes these pics? Are they pulled from a live video feed? Does she know that guys are just lusting for her during these moments that appear to be for her to relax? Does the cameraman and producer and director know that these fabulous pics are going out to blog sites? Many questions regarding the perfect 10 Satcha in black pantyhose whose legs I would worship.

Anonymous said...

You should check more Satcha Pretto pictures here

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