Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long time readers of this blog know that we are big fans of Katy Perry, more specifically Katy Perry assets. So when we heard of a Katy Perry ET futuristic video, we scoured the net to get see for ourselves. Here is what people magazine is saying about the video:

She's out of this world!

Katy Perry is set to premiere the futuristic video for her latest single, E.T., in full at noon Thursday – but the singer is giving fans an early taste of the video.

In it, the pop star floats through outer space looking equally alien and angelic in a shimmery white gown, vibrant makeup and headpiece. The song finds Perry singing about a "supernatural extraterrestrial" – and the video finds her encountering a dormant robot and lighting it up with her touch.

After its online premiere, the music video will debut on MTV at 7:53 p.m.

Check out some Katy Perry pictures


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