Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Gretchen Carlson and Tamara Holder on Fox and Friends


Thigh High said...

Gretchen and Tamara are so "thick".

IMHO..Curvaceous & voluptuous woman are far appealing & sexy than a flat chested anorexic waif without curves or contours.

It just so happens that Gretchen is MY favorite "thick chick" along with Marissa Del Portillo & Zoraida Sambolin.

Anonymous said...

Gretchen is fetchin'
Brash & bold
Rocks skimpy skirts
Flaunting gams of gold

Don't be surprised
It happens a lot
She got you aroused
This MILF is sooo hot!!

She knows when you watch
Your hands in your crotch
Parts her knees
Takes her game up a notch

Flashing a peek
So moist & pink
Commando or thong
What do you think?

Send her a tweet
By the end of her show
Was there a happy ending?
She's dying to know

Tune in tomorrow
She'll seduce you again
Fetchin' Gretchen gets off
Teasing horny young men

Travis said...

That was a good one. Can I use this for my next Gretchen post? lol

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Gretchen Carlson strip totally naked for Playboy magazine!I would love to see Gretchen Carlson get on her knees and lick Alison Camerota's pussy as Alison pisses on Gretchen's face and in her mouth!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Gretchen Carlson play with her pussy and stick her finger in her mouth afterwards.I would love to see her lick another woman's anus and squat on another woman's face.I would love to fuck her in her ass for hours on end and watch her give me a blowjob!

Anonymous said...

your making me drool. and Alison makes my cock stiff every morning. every time she lifts her sexy legs i get bigger

North900 said...

Gretchen is interesting.

Anonymous said...

yes to all

Anonymous said...

I'd like to fuck Gretchen as millions watch on FOX TV. I bet that is some good pussy.

Anonymous said...
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