Sunday, October 3, 2010

You probably have heard that Rick Sanchez was swiftly fired after some pretty nasty comments on satellite radio during his promotion of his book. I will not get into detail about that because that story has pretty much been exhausted and is likely going to be great fodder for late night comics.

The purpose of this post is to pretend that I am a media genius and tell CNN what they should do. I am in no way qualified to give this advice but it has never stopped me before. In building up on my advice on why CNN should have used Campbell Brown's entire assets to get more ratings, CNN should give Rick Sanchez's time slot to Brooke Baldwin.

There are a couple of reasons for that. Well, I had one reason when I started this post but for the sake of salvaging some credibility, I forced myself to come up with another. You see we think Brooke Baldwin is one of the sexiest ladies on television with a lot of potential to make it big. She has both the looks and the wit that will keep you glued to the show. I mean, have you ever seen Brooke Baldwin in HD!

The other reason is that Brooke has already been appearing on that show already and has had several memorable contributions on that show. For the sake of continuity for its viewers, CNN should let Brooke go ahead and fill that time slot even under the CNN Newsroom as they are planning. I would even suggest possibly making her permanent and create a show for her.

Brooke Baldwin pictures courtesy of hidefnewscaps

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Anonymous said...

I love Brooke Baldwin too. She has a playful side to her. Although I like to see her taking over full time, I think this kind of show is not the best fit for her. She needs a more informal show. I can't describe such kind of show but I will like it when I see it. They will need to change the set too. There is no need to hide such a good body behind the desk. At least when Sanchez was on she always appeared on the side of the desk. They should have the couch like they do on weekends. Come on CNN you have babes that you are wasting. Learn something from Fox. Maybe the new CNN president will do something about it.

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