Monday, October 11, 2010

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While we never wish any man harm, we were excited that the firing of Rick Sanchez would mean that there would be room for CNN to readjust their programming and make use of the many fine anchors on their roster. Luckily, Brooke Baldwin was a regular contributor on that show and we boldly recommended the Brooke take over the time slot. Brooke got the time slot! (in our dreams we like to pat ourselves on the back pretending CNN actually read our blog and listened to us)

However in our post, we advised CNN that giving Brooke the show was not good enough. We understand it was good enough having Rick Sanchez hiding behind the desk (we don't care) but hiding Brooke Baldwin legs behind a desk is just letting ratings out of the door. We have been fierce advocates of letting anchors use all their assets to capture audiences (something perfected by Fox News.) CNN did put Brooke on the couch on this segments which increased a lot of viewers' blood pressure as evidenced by our inbox.

What was consistent with a lot of the Brooke Baldwin fans writing to us was that It was not enough. Hopefully they are still working out a perfect way to capture Brooke. We will keep tuning! Please don't let us down CNN!

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Anonymous said...

is it all just sex now...or r we covering the news with sex. It suxks.....Wheres Walter Cronkite...even if i/m not being told the whole truth..LOL!

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