Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I know very little Spanish. It is so little that it is even absurd to call it little. My neighbors though most likely think that I speak fluent Espanol because I often tune to Univision to check out their babes. Try it one day at tune in to Escandalo TV. If you don't understand Spanish you may not understand a word but since most of us speak the international language of sexy, you won't be disappointed.

So hope you enjoy these Barbara Bermudo pictures. You can also check past Barbara Bermudo pictures.


Anonymous said...

I tend to do the same too lol. In my case though whenever there is nothing good on other channels i tune to spanish channels because at least they gat some gals. That escandalo show is my fav. you would see the babes dancing and all which is very entertaining even though the music is foreign to me lol

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