Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Looks like the Jets had the pleasure of being in the company of Mexico hot reporter, Ines Sainz. Our loyal readers will remember her from our last Ines Sainz pictures post. For those who do not know Ines Sainz, think of her as the Erin Andrews of soccer.

From Sports Illustrated:

Jimmy is suffering from a bad football hangover and has asked me to fill in on Hot Clicks for the next few days. Luckily, I'm not a biased New Yorker who thinks the NFL's sun rises and sets with the Jets. Apparently, neither does Ines Sainz. The reporter from Mexico's TV Azteca visited Jets camp over the weekend for a piece on quarterback Mark Sanchez. During her trip to the team's practice facility, she was  the victim of "suggestive comments"  from some players while members of the coaching staff "accidentally" overthrew receivers during drills so the ball would land near her. Of course, she was wearing these jeans  so some players might have been distracted. Nonetheless, The Association of Women in Sports Media is demanding answers of HBO's favorite team, who kick off their season tonight against the Ravens.

I do not blame the jets for any of these. Who would not find any excuse to be close to this sexy reporter.

The New York Post also has the story of what happened to Ines at the Jets.


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