Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I like NCIS and have been waiting for the new season for a long time. I am excited that a new season of NCIS premieres on CBS tonite. Even more exciting that NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles are back to back. It will be interesting to see Cote de Pablos character, Ziva David and how she is going to fit in with the change of her status. I kinda like the sexy assassin that she has played for a while.

Who is Cote de Pablo?

María José de Pablo Fernández better known as Coté de Pablo is a Chilean-American actress and recording artist. De Pablo has been nominated for the ALMA Award, landing a permanent role as the NCIS federal agent Ziva David in the television series, NCIS (formerly a liaison to/from NCIS for the Israeli Mossad). She has also embarked on a career as a songwriter and vocalist.


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