Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Since a lot of people (oh, what the hell, maybe it is just me) can't get enough of Lauren Sivan, I thought I would just post some more Lauren Sivan pictures. The last couple of Lauren Sivan pictures generated a lot of views and comments so I have enough justification to post some more without risking the appearance of a Lauren Sivan stalker. For the Lauren Sivan yoga video post,  an anonymous made the following comment:

Lauren is the hottest babe to put her tush down on the leg chair of Redeye. I can't wait for her to make her appearance almost weekly as she has been doing. What a sexy body, beautiful cleavage, nice legs and those gorgeous thighs topped of by that amazing tush. Lauren keep wearing those very short skirts. You are one super hot lady.

Another anonymous viewer commented on this Lauren Sivan Red Eye post:

Lauren in my opinion is the hottest babe to put that sexy body of hers on the leg chair of Redeye. You never get short changed when she is on. Always plenty of eye candy to watch. The eyes sure do a lot of bouncing around with all parts of that gorgeous body in front of you.

So you see it not just me. Lauren Sivan is fast becoming the most talked about babes.


Sarge said...

WOW! She is the hotness! Thanks for the pics.

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