Tuesday, September 7, 2010

One in a while when I visit the DFW area, I always look forward to wake up to Lauren Przybyl on Good Day on Fox 4. These caps are not great but it is very difficult to find any Lauren Przybyl caps out there.

Who is Lauren Przybyl?

Lauren Przybyl is the coanchor of Good Day on Fox 4 in Dallas. She used to be a Chanel 7 reporter in Boston.

Who is Lynn Toler?

Judge Lynn Toler is the judge of the television series Divorce Court. She previously hosted the court show Power of Attorney.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Lauren Przybl caps. she is one of my favorite babes in Texas. I watch Good Day almost every morning and I always like when she does leggy sit downs like these. There is one she did just before the old Dallas cowboys stadium was torn down and another she did with some social media expert. I wish I knew how to capture the pictures on tv and I would do it.

Unknown said...

Lauren is defintely very sexy ,she has very sexy long legs great eye candy.

Anonymous said...

She has definitely gotten sexier. I look forward to watching her on TV. She is one of the hottest girls I have seen and probably is the hottest anchor. Her leg crosses are amzing but then again everything she does is.

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