Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sexy Patricia Heaton legs pictures courtesy of alvy at Wide World of Women

Who is Patricia Heaton?

Patricia Heaton is an American actress best known for playing Ray Barone's wife Debra Barone on the CBS television sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond. In 2007, she made a return to sitcom television opposite Kelsey Grammer in the Fox comedy series Back to You, which was cancelled in 2008. She currently stars in the ABC comedy series The Middle.


Sarge said...

She is really hot! Thanks for the pics.

Travis said...

Yeah that's what I thought when I saw these pictures. I had always seen her only on the sitcom and she looks like she has actually gotten better with age.

Anonymous said...

epic milf, never liked her on Raymond but she is hot, great body, awesome boobs and nice legs, yummy

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