Friday, August 20, 2010

I used to see a lot of Lauren Sivan back in the day when i used to watch a lot of Fox News. She used to present the news late at night. She was always behind a desk and I had never pictured her to have such nice legs. I am sure the people at Fox could not find an empty chair somewhere because they would not have let Lauren and her sexy pair go. Courtesy of hidefnewscaps


Thechairman said...

She seems to be on more now than when she worked at Fox.

Travis said...

@Thechairman: Yes she seems to be more on Fox than when she actually used to work on Fox. I might add that I have come to like her more after she left Fox. Working behind the desk for the news headlines did not help her much.

Anonymous said...

Lauren in my opinion is the hottest babe to put that sexy body of hers on the leg chair of Redeye. You never get short changed when she is on. Always plenty of eye candy to watch. The eyes sure do a lot of bouncing around with all parts of that gorgeous body in front of you.

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