Thursday, August 26, 2010

I was very disappointed by the Lifetime movie The Client list. I have some friends that live in Texas and spend some time there once in a while. My friends had some first hand information of the actual story on which the movie The Client List was based on, long time before Client Number No. 9. My friends painted a more vivid detail of the story itself that when the movie came out I did not bother look into what exactly to expect. What else would you expect with a storyline involving a housewife who went into prostitution to take care of her family. You would expect some very wild stuff right? Well the movie, though it showcased some Jennifer Love-Hewitt as a prostitute, it did not live to the hype that I had formulated in my head with the help of friends who initially told me the real story. Anyway Jennifer has some assets!


Anonymous said...

She has a nice butt!!

travis said...

She does have a nice backside. One of the main reasons I had been looking forward for her to at least get naked in the Client List. I guess you wont get much for made for tv movies.

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