Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I had promised myself that I would not write again about Larissa Riquelme. I didn't think it would be a hard promise to break because I thought her popularity would die down with the end of the World Cup. But if Twitter trends and Google search trends are anything to go by, she is gonna be with us for a while. Sex sells!

The main reason I decided to make this post (Well, maybe that is one of the reasons. Who am I not to feed on the traffic that the curiosity is bringing. And maybe doing the "research" wouldn't hurt either) was that I felt duped by her promise to run naked if Paraguay had won the World Cup. Of course I ended up supporting Paraguay against my better judgment. A friend I was talking to about this issue (strictly celebrity marketing and social networking I promise) pointed me to this post with pictures that were taken from her twitter account. Of course I had known that she was a lingerie model, I somehow thought it was a big leap for her to go from a model to running naked. Alas, she has been running around naked all along. What got me worked up is that her promise is like a fat guy promising that she will eat dinner tonite as a pledge. I feel cheated.


Anonymous said...

There are some more Larissa Riqueleme naked photos here Looks like her 15 minutes of fame will take a bit longer

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