Friday, July 30, 2010

Susan Hendricks

When I first saw the first picture of Susan Hendricks in this post, my jaw dropped. I had seen Susan Hendricks on television a lot and a lot more on caps but I had never realized she had these amazing legs. Of course the show on HLN she is usually presenting news and I had never seen her get away from behind the desk. I hope CNN will bring Susan Hendricks more on the couch and watch the ratings! We definitely will be watching!

Who is Susan Hendricks?

Susan Hendricks is an anchor with CNN and CNN Headline News  based in CNN's world headquarters in Atlanta. Susan Hendricks also appears occasionally on CNN Pipeline,’s on-demand broadband news service. Also splits with Natasha Curry subbing for Robin Meade on Morning Express with Robin Meade, when Robin is out. Susan Hendricks decided to pursue a career in television journalism after hearing Walter Cronkite speak in one of her journalism courses at Arizona State University. She started her news career in Orange County, Ca. at Comcast cable then headed to KESQ in Palm Springs where she was a field reporter. It was at KESQ that Susan was able to meet the source of her inspiration, and interviewed Walter Cronkite for a piece on KESQ.


Anonymous said...

I'm watching Susan's leg on the couch right now and they look so smooth.

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