Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update: The Juliet Huddy caps are here.
We are among the many who have been fans of Julie Banderas, especially her presentation of Fox News' Fox Report. Our admiration is well documented and we always drooled when Julie was on. You won't be surprised then that we were very sad when Julie Banderas got off the market, got pregnant and was no longer appearing as much on Fox Report.

As you might have realized, Fox looks like they are trying out all their hot anchors, possibly for a replacement or just maybe filling in. While we are saddened with Julie Banderas not appearing on Fox Report these days, we are on cloud nine with Juliet Huddy as a replacement. If there is anyone who can give Julie Banderas a run for her money in the legs and legcross department, it gotta be Juliet Huddy. Juliet has been making us drool well before she came to Fox News and we hope that she becomes permanent on Fox Report.

We don't usually write essays here, preferring the legs to do the talking, but you can understand why we are doing this.


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Sexy smooth legs

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