Thursday, May 20, 2010

With the news that Campbell Brown is leaving CNN because of low ratings, several media critics have offered some analysis for how CNN could boost ratings or specifically how they could have used Campbell Brown better to compete against Bill O'reilly and Keith Olberman. Very few of these media critics will boldy point out that CNN could have used Campbell better by changing the set and showcasing her legs more, something that Fox News has perfected.

Then came a refreshing analysis from the San Francisco blog that said something a lot of us have been saying for too long: CNN should showcase their female anchors more. Wouldn't you want to wake up to sexy legcrosses from Kiran Chetry in the morning? That's like a million viewers right there!


Sammy H. said...

She is an attractive lady with lovely legs.I just don't like the egos that the fnc people have.Love the leg shows,but that is it.I'd rather watch CBS or NBC.

Thechairman said...

And those aren't even the best leg shows from Campbell.

Wildman said...

I want to hump Cambell Brown she has sexy legs!

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