Saturday, November 28, 2009

If there is one unsaid fact of current state of television in the United States is that Fox News and Fox Business knows what they are doing. Its no coincidence that they are far ahead in terms of ratings. Well, there might be other factors but surely you wouldn't expect us to bore you with those. The one factor we are an expert in is the beautiful women that grace our screens.

It is not only that the women are beautiful, it also has something to do with the women themselves knowing that they are beautiful and the people working behind the scenes who make sure the women showcase their entire package. That involves the sets that shows more than just the news. Think of Tracy Byrnes, Rebecca Gomez, Alexis Glick and of course Nicole Petallides such as in these caps among many others.

Note to MSNBC : you are wasting talent such as Contessa Brewer!
Note to Contessa Brewer: Fox News will take you to the next level!

Nicole Petallides is an anchor for the Fox Business Network, which began broadcasting on October 15, 2007. Nicole, along with Jenna Lee were the first two anchors on the air when the network made its debut. Courtesy


sugarbritches said...

don't post my fucking caps if you can't bother to give credit.

Anonymous said...

The only reason why lok @ Rwed eye,is to see who the lady guest is.And to see how leg shots are there.Other wise the show stinks!!!

Anonymous said...

You can't pick them any better than Nicole. She's the most gorgeous lady on cable news today.

Anonymous said...

Are you trying to tell us that Nicole is charming and simply gorgeous with that long flowing hair, beautiful face and eyes, nice cleavage and tush, and those awesome legs and thighs which look even more breath-taking the shorter the skirt is? Is that why the previous comment was about Nicole being the most gorgeous lady on cable news today? She sure is. Nicole is a GODDESS!!!!

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