Saturday, October 31, 2009

Who is Angelique Boyer?

Angelique Boyer is a French-born Mexican actress. She was born in Saint-Claude, Jura, France. While she was still an infant, in 1990, her family moved to Mexico. Monique Paulette became known as Angelique, possibly because it was easier to say. At a very young age, and thanks in part to the preparation of Luis de Llano, she became a member of the musical group Rabanitos Verdes (Little Green Radishes). Later, she continued on with a dream of becoming an actress. At the age of fourteen she enrolled in the Centro de Educación Artística. Two years after CEA, Angelique was cast in the Mexican television series Rebelde, which became popular throughout Latin America. In the program, in which she participated for three seasons, she played the role of Victoria (Vico) Paz, a young and beautiful girl with problems at home - a mother who dates younger men and tries to seduce her boyfriend; an older brother that goes out with her cute and chubby friend Celina and manipulates her; and a father who beats her regularly after he forces her to get money for his betting addictions.


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