Tuesday, April 28, 2009

As we have mentioned before, we look at our logs to determine what people are looking for and then hunt hot pics. Its amazing that in most cases the ten most popular ladies that our visitors can't seem to get enough of does not change much. However in the last few weeks, the list has been changing much more often and thanks to the many Julie Banderas fans out there visiting and linking to our site, Julie Banderas has been number one by far. Here is the top 10 list:

  1. Julie Banderas
  2. Megyn Kelly
  3. Mickie James
  4. Martha MacCallum
  5. Tracy Byrnes
  6. Jamie Colby
  7. Maria Stephanos
  8. Cheryl Casone
  9. Emma Crosby
  10. Marisa del Portillo

Most of this babes were in 2008 Top babes list. Should we call it top legs list??

Surprisingly missing from out list Alexis Glick and Rebecca Gomez. Come on Fox Business, whats happening.


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