Saturday, March 7, 2009

With any mention of Juliet Huddy, we automatically visualize a pair of hot crossed legs on a couch. We don't say this often but we think its safe to say Juliet Huddy has one of the greatest pair of legs in the business..
Courtesy of WoW

Who is Juliet Huddy?

Juliet Huddy is an American television news reporter, currently appearing on Fox News Channel.

Juliet Huddy joined Fox News in March 1998 as a reporter at the Miami bureau, but later on moved to the New York studios where she presented a variety of news programs and occasionally filled in for E.D. Hill on Fox & Friends during the week. Juliet Huddy also was a rotating co-host of Fox and Friends 1st, later becoming a permanent co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, alongside Mike Jerrick and Julian Phillips.


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The rest ain't bad either! ;-)

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