Thursday, February 5, 2009

We are almost 100% sure we can guess what went through your mind either after seeing these sexy leggy photos of Juliet Huddy or if you were lucky enough, when you saw this on television. Three thoughts:

1) Lucky camera guy
2) Does that guy get paid to rub that stuff on Juliet Huddy's legs
3) ... well we will keep it clean. We all know what else...

Juliet is really looking good!

Who is Juliet Huddy?

Juliet Huddy is an American television news reporter, currently appearing on Fox News Channel.

Juliet Huddy joined Fox News in March 1998 as a reporter at the Miami bureau, but later on moved to the New York studios where she presented a variety of news programs and occasionally filled in for E.D. Hill on Fox & Friends during the week. Juliet Huddy also was a rotating co-host of Fox and Friends 1st, later becoming a permanent co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, alongside Mike Jerrick and Julian Phillips.


Anonymous said...

Juliet wow nice gams

Anonymous said...

Wow she has fantastic thighs realy sexy legs to

stag party ideas said...

She was crying during the horoscope segment and said if u don't know why she's crying then u haven't been watching the show. And I wanted to know why she was crying??

Anonymous said...

Both of the ladies have long shapley legs and all of us leg lovers are glad they think of us when they get dressed every day. Compliment a lady on her legs, she spends a lot of time and money on clothes high heal shoes and hose just so you can see her legs.

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