Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We thought this was funny!

We have a lot of sexy Tracy Byrnes pictures. Tracy is one of those anchors that will make even the boring business news somewhat interesting. She has a great pair of sexy legs and a chest that always looks like it is about to bust some buttons. A picture always excels where words fail:

Tracy Byrnes sexy legs


Anonymous said...

I am an avid Red Eye fan and it is always a treat when Tracy is on. Nothing says good nite like a nice pair of legs and a hot cleavage!

Anonymous said...

That's nothing, you should see our smoldering Hot! Aussie Babe Kylie (Gillies) - talks ironing on the Morning Show, (watch and don't blink) _

shredding denver said...

The guys who are there in the show are talking or doing something else...hehehe.

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