Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 is almost gone and there are numerous "Top something lists" out there. So we decided what the hell, we will prepare our own list of the babes that you the visitors liked. A complicated algorithm was used to determine which of the babes you liked most! (Just kidding. Always wanted to say that so we could sound techy!) The list is based on the top landing pages of the site.
10 Alexis Glick
Money for Breakfast? How about legs for breakfast! There are usually plenty of legs on the couch especially when Jenna Lee and Nicole Petallides joins her on the couch. Alexis is hot and its no surprise that she has the most number of postings.

9. Jenna Lee and Nicole Petallides.

The guys at Fox Business really mean business when it comes to picking babes that keeps our eyes glued to our television sets. We knew almost nothing about business and had no business watching a business channel all day untill Fox Business came along in HD with their gorgeous and sexy ladies. Nicole Petallides and Jenna Lee were the first on air when Fox Business started broadcasting. Unfortunately they came 10th on the most viewed on

Search for Maria Stephanos on google and you get a suggestion for "Maria Stephanos legs" - a testament to how many fans Maria Stephanos' legs has out there. The numerous searches for Maria Stephanos' legs leads to, earning a spot on the top 10 babes of 2008.

The View almost always give us a good view. Because of that, there were a lot of Elisabeth Hasselbeck postings and a lot of her fans stopped by. We will be bringing you more views in the new year. Watch this space!

6. Jamie Colby

Jamie has nice legs Period! Although we did not have a lot of postings, Jamie's fans stopped by, pushing her to number 6.

A giant cleaveage set many forumns on fire. The occasional short and sexy dresses and on-screen modelling won Rebecca Gomez many fans who furiously searched for sexy pictures that lead to Having sexy women with a sexy legcross as guest doesn't hurt either.

Our jaws dropped when we bumped into these sexy pictures of the hot duo of Courtney Friel and Ainsley Earhardt. So its no surprise that Courtney and Ainsley are at number 5. The guys at Fox know how to pick them!

3. Tracy Byrnes

Not really a surprise that Fox babes are a majority on this list. With babes this hot, skirts this short and shiny,oily legs cross, who doesn't want to peek!

Nommatter what you may think of what comes out of her mouth, there is no denying that Megyn is one of the sexiest ladies on television right now. Her morning show has plenty of leg show

Most guys love Julie Banderas and many of her fans will swear she is the sexiest lady on television. Plenty of guys love Martha MacCallum and her fans will swear she has the best legs on television. So what happens when you put these sexy ladies together:


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Courtney and Ainsley keeping us hard with their meat beater thighs!

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