Monday, November 24, 2008

If you got to this post in search for the now famous Tina Sherman alleged nude pictures that seem to have took the internet by storm, then we apologize because we don't have them.

We looked for these pictures ourselves for a very long time. We are usually good at this but we failed to find any. This naturally lead us to conclude this might have been a very clever hoax: either a complete fabrication by the real Tina Sherman and her husband to sue McDonalds or by someone else who completely made up the story. Its amazing though how many credible news sources have run with this story. (Anyway, they are not fool-proof. See the Ashley Todd story!)

We are temporarily giving up on the search because the wild goose chase led us to some websites with malware.

As a way of justifying the many hours spent of the chase, here is the alleged photo of Ms Tina Sherman.


Anonymous said...

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C J said...

the pics I saw she looked like Myle cyres

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