Monday, September 15, 2008

We know on this blog we have been sharing with you our fascination with the sexy women on television. So this may surprise you, but we are not all about just legs (although we were in the beginning). In our hunt for pictures, we almost always come across interesting and compelling stories of these women.

One such story is of Alexis Glick. We quickly realized she is not only sexy and gorgeous - she is intelligent and energetic:

She gets to the office at 4:30 a.m., dives into Wall Street research reports and tries to knock off a blog entry before 5 a.m. A true New Yorker, she said, "I read everything, but the only newspaper I carry onto the set is the New York Post."

Her two fully loaded BlackBerry handhelds -- one for her job and one devoted to family -- "are always on" and perennially within reach. She returns to her office by noon to start returning phone calls, and then she and her assistant, Melissa Tabatabai, send thank-you notes to people who have appeared on her shows during the previous week.

When she gets home, her 6-year-old son has been known to greet her with an impersonation of his favorite anchor. "He imitates me all the time and says, 'Let's go to Charles Payne!' " Glick relayed with a laugh. Turning more serious, she added, "It's sweet to show my kids what I do for a living. My oldest used to go up and kiss the TV screen."
Another interesting article:

Do a Google search on Alexis Glick and you enter the land of drooling men who see a babe. But here's what she sees: a sports buff, a challenge seeker, a makeup-averse wife and mother of three sons, a career woman who e-mails herself at 3 a.m. so she'll remember ideas she had for the nascent Fox Business Channel during late-night feedings.

After starting as an analyst at Goldman Sachs and moving up the ladder at Morgan Stanley, where she headed the New York Stock Exchange floor operations and was one of the youngest women to become executive director, she was hired by CNBC to report from the floor of the NYSE.

A year later, after she had taken time off for the birth of her second son, she joined "Today," first as a contributor and then as a featured player. It was there she learned how to read a TelePrompTer and translate off-camera jargon.



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