Friday, September 26, 2008

Kate Snow is a co-anchor of Good Morning America Weekend Edition on ABC. She became co-anchor in 2004. She also frequently appears on the weekday Good Morning America and World News with Charles Gibson as a fill-in anchor or correspondent..

Kate joined ABC in 2003 as Good Morning America's White House reporter before she was tapped to co-host the morning show's weekend edition. She had worked previously at NPR and NBC Radio, and also worked as a reporter at KOAT-TV from 1995-1998 and at CNN from 1998-2003.


SaberX09 said...

WOW! Kate has always been stunning, but I never knew her legs were so nice. Excellent screen caps, so damn clear. Great site btw.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh Kate, your name is Snow but your luscious legs are soooo damn HOT!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

her legs are sooooooooooo sexy

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