Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Last time we posted a huge collection of Annika Kipp caps, we explained it as follows:

Okay so here is the deal: To help us decide which legs to hunt ( which we do most of the time, although at times we get tips or bump into them by accident) we look at incoming search terms, mostly from google. So when we started receiving a lot of traffic reaching us from people searching for Annika Kipp legs, we looked at our blog and realized we had only one posting with one picture of Annika Kipp. We always try not to disappoint our readers so we went hunting for more Annika Kipps leg pictures. We are almost 98% sure these are the pictures people are searching for. We will keep searching just in case we are wrong. Check the Annika Kipp section for updates.
Although its still the case, we are falling in love with Annika as evidenced by the surge in posting.
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