Thursday, July 24, 2008

One of the main reasons I watch Fox News (especially when Julie is hosting). She has the whole package, the fullest definition of beauty. Have you ever seen a beautiful lady and you fail to think of anything that could be added or changed. If not, then try watching Julie on Fox News Chanel. If you can, try it in HD. Thanks to the guys at for the collection. Most of her images are hosted there. Kudos!

We are looking for a Domenica Davies leg cross. She does the weather on Fox News and she is always standing. We would appreciate if anyone can point us to any of her leg cross. Thats one thing this site is missing.

Our prayers have been answered. Domenica Davies Sexy Leg Cross is now here!


Anonymous said...

Julie is the most beautiful lady at fox, hands down.

Kyle said...

Julie i saw you wearing a bikini and your hands touching your laps they are smooth and you wear a jean jacket

Kyle Conger

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