Saturday, July 5, 2008

First and foremost, we love beautiful women and believe that a great pair is one of the greatest assets. We mean a great pair of legs! We are particularly fascinated by a great pair in a leg cross.
This site was inspired by this fascination and was triggered by comments read on other blogs and a blog posting on <> which we briefly qoute here:

Some reporters are fun to watch even when the news is completely boring. All you have to do is hit the mute button and imagine they're talking about something else.

Admit it - you've all done it before. Flipping through the channels when there's nothing else on TV, or maybe just keeping the picture on in the background while you read the paper... And then all of a sudden there's one of those reporters who keeps you fixated – almost entranced - no matter what it is she's actually talking about. Indeed, you are watching one of those reporters who proves that communication skills are much more than mere articulation and a good vocabulary. The pinnacle of effective communication includes maintaining a captive audience. And how better to captivate one's audience than with the type of good looks that make people think impure thoughts?

Another inspiration came from a Fox News page:

The wardrobe for female news anchors has come a long way since the early days of predictable stiff suits and helmet hair. There is a definite softening in dressing for delivering the news, as blazers have given way to cardigans and other soft sweater offerings. But when the interview is with an important statesman or covering a somber event the suit is still a very important staple.

Martha has found a safe balance between individual style and the image FOX News wants to project. She always looks professional, but has also found her own fashion voice. The suit she wears for interviews with the presidents of countries: a Teenflo suit, with Escada blouse and Stuart Weitzman shoes. For more casual news days: an Escada turtleneck, J. Crew skirt and Stuart Weitzman boots.

Martha is one of those rare women who has a perfect body type (even after three children). She is evenly proportioned. She has long legs, narrow hips, perfect weight and everything looks good on her.


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great work guys! keep bringing us the Fox foxes!!!

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